When Employees Can Do Their Jobs Properly,
But Don't, What Then? - Training and Development

That raises the question, "What about employees who have been doing their present jobs properly—but no longer do so?" It's certainly true that these people are not meeting the established standards of performance—but will training do them any good? The answer is: not really.

You see, they already know how to do their work; they've shown that in their previous satisfactory performance. Thus the reason for their present nonperformance can't possibly be that they don't know how. And training is a remedy for people who do not know how—not for people who do know how but for one reason or another are no longer doing it.

These other problems are performance problems—but they are not truly training problems; therefore, training is not an appropriate solution. Of course, good training departments don't ignore these other performance problems.The smart training and development manager never says, "Sorry, we can't help you!" when managers report old-timers who no longer perform properly.

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