Trends in Organizational Placement - Training and Development

Organizations are increasingly recognizing that the key to their success is largely contingent upon the capabilities of their employees—their human capital.

Organizational performance is understandably dependent upon individual performance. As society moves toward increased emphasis on human rights, so organizations are moving toward sharper focus on developing the human potential. Thus it is only natural that the traditional concept of "Training and Development" has expanded to include concern for Human Resource Development (HRD)—a much broader concept than the old notion of T&D. Swanson and Holton (2001, 4) define HRD as the process for developing and unleashing human expertise through organizational development and personnel training and development for the purpose of improving performance. Clearly the roles and responsibilities of the T&D manager are important ones in addressing performance issues.

What is unclear, however, is where this position should be located on the organizational chart. The shift toward becoming learning organizations makes the placement of the training department an important variable in organizational success. Does it fit best as a line position or as a staff position? Let's explore the differences.

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