The Care and Development of T&D Specialists - Training and Development

Now that you have them, how do you care for them?

Growth and change are the output of the T&D function. Strangely enough, they are also the processes by which that change is achieved. But rather than wrestle with the involutions of such thinking, let's just look at a plan for the development of the T&D staff.

The development plan for T&D staff amounts to meeting a series of individual training needs by using any or all of the methods that solve any individual training need: independent study, coaching, seminars and workshops, membership in professional associations. The list is long.

This growth for T&D specialists is a form of job training, so the "Tell,Show, Do, and Review" stages are important—with special emphasis on doing some work as soon as possible. Designing or presenting short modules of existing programs is effective; so is membership in professional societies. Young T&D staff members make introducers, moderators, chairpersons, and chapter managers— each an excellent way to develop several competencies.

In what role will the specialist perform? We need to offer different training to different people, depending upon what they will do while serving in the T&D Department.

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