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If you look at the organizations around you, you'll find that most T&D Managers occupy a staff position. As we've noted, that may bring an automatic "curse"unless collaborative activities are devised to overcome the staff stigma.

All apart from the stigma, there may be communication channel problems when T&Activities are centered in a staff location.

But the fact is, it often exists, and one question remains: When T&D is a staff function, to whom does the T&D manager report?

Placement Purely As a Staff Function

Placement Purely As a Staff Function

A Productive, traditional system :

A Traditional answer (probably by far the most common answer) is to put the T&D manager in the Human Resource Department. No matter what you call them (Vice President of Human Resources, Human Resources Development Director, Training Director, or Director of Employee Development), they report in as peers of Industrial Relations, Employee Relations, and Employee Communications.

With the kind of thinking that envisions the employee roster as a major organizational resource, and with the insight that that roster consists of individuals who offer unique contributions, there is a diminished rationale for placing T&D within the Human Resources (HR) department.

Indeed,in some significant ways, the Human Resource Management (HRM) function and the T&D function are counter thrusts: HRM tries to get the right people into the right cubbyholes; T&D, or HRD, on the other hand, not only wants to insure that their capability matches the cubbyhole, but that it grows so that they can fill other cubbyholes. T&D is even concerned with cubbyholes that haven't yet been designed or imagined! Perhaps this disparity of philosophy and purpose explains the recent departure of the T&D function from the HRM department in so many organizations.

When T&D leaves HRM, where does it relocate? Well,if it stays on the "staff side, " it tends to answer to the Vice President of Administrative Services, the Director of Support Services, or whatever title applies to the highest-ranking staff officer in the organization. It is significant that the T&D position reports to the top of the staff hierarchy. The position power resulting from this placement cannot be ignored. After all, when T&D is a staff function, its representatives visit the"line territory" much as missionaries visit the frontier. This missionary status is especially noticeable when T&D specialists are consulting,designing, or instructing. As missionaries performing those tasks, they should represent the deities who rank high in their own heavens.

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