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What are different types of tourism management?

In this part, we will talk about the different sorts of tourism and their qualities.

Mass Tourism

It includes tourism of sorted out substantial gatherings of individuals to exceptional traveler areas. It is a customary way where the day by day program is settled by the visit coordinator. It is a social movement. The sightseers for the most part want for keepsakes and site-seeing.

For instance, religious spots, amusement parks, vessel travels, resort towns.

Alternative Tourism

It incorporates independently composed visits to discover direct data about a place, neighborhood culture, and condition.

For instance, biking visit arranged by an individual while convenience is cooked for in a hurry.


It is visiting for directing business exchanges, going to conferences, workshops, or gatherings. The target of business tourism is predominantly proficient.


It incorporates tourism for enhancing one's physical or profound prosperity. For instance, excursion at a Yoga or recovery focus.


It is tourism at places acclaimed for unblemished nature and tranquil excellence. The fundamental target is to understanding and appreciate nature, for example, ranches and untamed life. Ecotourism is a piece of nature tourism.


This sort of tourism has a target of understanding the neighborhood history of the place, nourishments, nearby creations, and neighborhood culture.


It incorporates visits led among relatives, companions, and others.

Recreational Tourism

It incorporates venturing out to escape from routine life. This is regularly improved the situation satisfaction, beguilement, or joy. For instance, Camping or shoreline visit.


It is led with an unmistakable target, for example, climbing a mountain, visiting the world over, or learning neighborhood culinary expressions or dialects.

Sports Tourism

It is tourism for going to a few sports occasion, for example, World Cup Cricket Match, FIFA, or Olympics.

Religious Tourism

It includes setting out to spots of religious hugeness, for example, Vaishno Devi in Jammu-Kashmir and Golden Temple at Amritsar (India), Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Bethlehem, and other such places.

Health or Medical Tourism

It includes heading out to enhance one's health. It is with the goal of going to weight reduction camps, naturopathy focuses, and wellbeing resorts.

Adventure Tourism

It includes tourism for courageous exercises, for example, shake climbing, bungee hopping, sky-jumping, climbing, horse-riding, surfing, boating, or skiing.


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