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What is Plog’s Model of Tourists Behavior?

Plog groups tourists into three classifications as depicted beneath −

  • Allocentric (The Wanderers) − A visitor who looks for new encounters and experience in an extensive variety of exercises. This individual is friendly and fearless in conduct. An allocentric individual wants to fly and to investigate new and uncommon regions previously others do as such. Allocentrics appreciate meeting individuals from remote or diverse societies. They favor great inns and sustenance, however not really current or chain-type lodgings. For a visit bundle, an allocentric might want to have the rudiments, for example, transportation and inns, yet not be focused on an organized agenda. They would rather have the flexibility to investigate a territory, make their own particular plans and pick an assortment of exercises and vacation destinations.


  • Psychocentric (The Repeater) − A vacationer falling in this class is typically non-audacious. They want to come back to recognizable travel goals where they can unwind and comprehend what sorts of sustenance and action to anticipate. Such tourists like to drive to goals, remain in ordinary lodging, and eat at family-type eateries.


  • Midcentric (Combination) − This classification of tourists covers the ones who swing between the above said two writes.

Henley Center Model of Holidaymaking

A British Consultancy of Futurology, Henley Center has isolated the tourists into four phases −

  • Phase I-Bubble Travelers − They don't have much cash and also information. They incline toward bundled visits. They long to watch diverse societies without being a piece of it. They travel generally to clear something up.
  • Phase II-Idealized Experience Seekers − They are certain tourists with the experience of outside visits. They are adaptable and agreeable. They lean toward visit offers made for people.
  • Phase III-Seasoned Travelers − These tourists are more well-to-do than the admired experience searchers. They are more certain to trial and experience better places and situations. They are more gutsy and incline toward individualistic visits.
  • Phase IV-Complete Immersers − These tourists have an expectation of inundating totally into the remote culture, legacy, culinary experience, and dialect. Their holidaying is very much arranged however not all around organized.

In the above phases, the vacationer experiences distinctive phases and in this manner additionally looks for changed tourism alternatives or goals.

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