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What is Maslow’s Pyramid of Motivation?

An American psychologist and a teacher of the twentieth century, Abraham Maslow proposed a hypothesis on the hierarchy of human needs. It can be portrayed as a model of five fundamental motivational needs any individual has. These requirements are −


  • Physiological (or Biological) − Need for air, nourishment, water, safe house, warmth, and rest, which are required for the survival.
  • Safety − Need for security from unsafe components, flexibility from fear, physical wellbeing, temperate security, security against mischances or their negative effects. Wellbeing may likewise show into security, for example, professional stability and budgetary security.
  • Social − Need for having a family, requirement for closeness, companions and social gatherings. Requirement for having a place and being acknowledged and cherished by others.
  • Self-esteem − Need of feeling acknowledged and regarded by others, requirement for acknowledgment and consideration from others.
  • Self-Actualization − Need to understand one's maximum capacity. A person requires to achieve this need after all the above necessities are fulfilled.

This pyramid comprehends the needs of the human needs in the request delineated. As should be obvious, the tourism covers the last four levels of the triangle.

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