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What is aggression? How it can be defined?

According to Ms. Gerda Siann, defined aggression in her books as a powerful character that stimulates inner feelings of threat or harming to other people or things. The person who becomes frustrated shows aggression. Frustration produces aggression. It also violates social norms. In other words there’s a slight variation between aggressive person and an angry person.

In her point of view, aggression is not considered under the negative aspect, as it is quite normal at present. An aggressive person shows his aggression in a powerful way to communicate his wishes and ambitions in order to achieve in his professional life. In fact, aggression is a result of violent behaviour hence aggression is treated as a negative shade. Aggression is expressed as common emotional stage by all humans at times.

Types of Aggression

Many people show their aggression in two manners −

Overt manifestation

In this type of manifestation people who show aggression mainly intended to harm others or threat others. They show off their behaviour by their violent actions or intended to show gestures in the form of physical injury. They are dominant, powerful, loud, and arrogant wanted to communicate their wishes and things done at any cost. They are very dominant and control-freaks and could not bear opposing views as they view as a threat to their outward control.

Aggressive people face many difficulties personally and socially. They cannot mobilize with the society and cannot move freely with others. Due to their aggressive behaviour, others deserted them. They felt that they can show their aggression in front of their family members as they can bear him and dominate them in any conversation.

Covert manifestation

In this type of Manifestation, people show their internal aggression in very passive, indirect methods to harm others. These people look obstinate and show low self-esteem. They intentionally destroy the company assets, wantedly waste the time, and spread negative rumours through gossip. They are not physical abusers, but are more listeners and do not respond immediately.

People with covertly aggressive speak less and do not express their feelings. People suffering from covertly aggressive have low self-esteem and low confidence levels. They are not openly aggressive and do their best to keep aggressive intentions very careful. They don’t respond immediately if any misconception or any false charges are made against them. As their aggression was brewing inside they will show their aggression on their work, wantedly damage the company properties, spread gossip to their fellow workers, and cause unrepairable damage, subtle in the ways they exploit the minds of others working in the office.

The Positive Side of Aggression

As far as we concern aggression can be dealt positively if it is not out of control. It can be healthy when you put your aggressive behaviour resourceful and beneficial. For example a person who is aggressive in his thoughts need to be firm on his decision when others are opposed of his thoughts and can end his view in positive way. He should also need to be aggressive in order to safeguard from attacks during any fights. In such cases, TAT techniques are very helpful to give counselling to such aggressive persons who are devious, understated, and lack confidence levels. Based on the emotions that are recognised in an individual, it can be determined whether the person is an overt aggressive or covert aggressive person.

aggressive 3

For example, if the person could be identified as controlling, impulsiveness, by his behaviour one would trace out the individual that he is an overt. Besides, if the person holds with low self-esteem, and lack of confidence then he can be identified as the covert.

There are some cases where people have certain attitude that they are not to be aggressive and do not show aggressiveness but have the idea of aggressions in their imaginative world which is called “fantasy aggression”. Here the person himself imagines and dreams that he was the boss and everything goes in his way, he can punish, accuse the people in his way, order the people when he was said to be wrong.

Case-Study - Card-11

Here when you observe this case-study you will find how aggressive behaviour develops in the child-

This is the case-study of a boy by name Albert who was the only child of his parents. He use to live in a good locality and neighbourhood. As he was the only child, he was sent to the reputed school in their locality and was blessed as a good student.

As everything was going right, his parents observed during his teenage years, that Albert used to be very sad the whole day. His parents tried to find out the reason behind his sadness but it was in vain.

They thought that it would be better to consult a psychologist of his son’s behaviour and had consulted a doctor called Dr. Roeper who was famous child psychologist at that time. When they visited Dr. Roeper along with their son the doctor administered TAT techniques with Albert and selected the cards that could fit of his age. No doubt these cards contain the themes of fairy tales.

Albert, who look very sad and guilt on his face, took interest and began to have a conversation with the doctor. He came up with his emotions, feelings, and also imaginative descriptions that were presented in the form of cards before him.He also began to give the names of the characters as well to the doctor. Dr. Roeper tried to shuffle the cards in order to find out the expressions of the boy.

Then after sometime Dr. Roeper took out Card-11. By seeing the card, Albert was in red face and was dreaded to see the image. The boy couldn’t find the words to describe the image that was before him.

As soon as he saw the images that two dragons among the two dragons one was eating a person and the other was pointing towards the viewer. Albert shouted the name Jerry who promised him that he would hit him without any reason. He pleaded to save him.

On finding out who the Jerry was by his doctor, Albert said that he was his classmate who repeatedly demean boys as the boys were afraid of him. The doctor also got to know that he was locked in the room for hours and he was freed out of the room, Jerry gave warning to Albert that he would hit him if he would reveal this to anyone.

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