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What are the Pitfalls do you observe in TAT Analysis?

People who undergo TAT analysis are normal people who help in research methods or would have been consulted TAT expert for the purpose of their own psychological problems. In most of the cases the court would subject the person to submit the TAT report who has criminal or psychological background and asks to perform TAT analysis.

In such cases the people would know that they are undergoing the TAT analysis as per the court orders and understands that their conversation would be analysed and report would be submitted based on his narration. So, most of the people gives their false narration due to which their result becomes unreliable and that does not support the reliability of TAT analysis.

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These people act too smart and try to show off their responses. They do not use any type of aggressive language in their story and tries to pretend aggressive responses. They would be impartial to the content even if the cards given to them contain aggressive content.

These subjects always try to pretend to show the positivity to the given situation in the card and would create all the right things in order to give the answers to the given content which would help them in their case. This becomes totally undisguised for the TAT test itself.

In such type of cases, it would be very hard for the evaluator to give wise description about the interviewer with his/her “false” answers even the examiner was aware of the person’s answers that were decided in advance and well cut. This is one of the biggest pitfalls of TAT analysis − the story-teller can avoid in giving genuine answers, and the TAT scorers work was to test the report whether the interviewee was genuine with his/her answers.

Many of the convicts tried to show goodwill to the Parole officers by displaying aggressive acts within a socially acceptable context, and by trying to prove that wrong things are occurred to the characters in the card that would describe as “Destiny, God’s plan, etc.”, and tried to possess a false impression in order to hide their inherent aggression.


In such cases they would not get the parole because the person who narrates the story remains untrue and gives the impression that someone is doing something wrong to somebody mentioned in the card. They could justify their wrong behaviour and could easily bend to the same excuse when he causes damage to some other person.

Not everybody give out their false emotions as most of them correlate their emotions with the content of the story prescribed in the cards and it is the fact that the convicts who are very hard enough and violent people give a more genuine narration when compared to those who are juvenile deliquents.

Most of the criminals by looking at the cards would react in aggressive behaviour and would say the sentences like “he would kill him”, and also says that he wanted to give him a punch on his face. Their behaviour is natural and they wantedly do not react because of their violent nature. To their mindset the characters are built to act that way. They look honest but are uempathitical.

The subjects who are supposed to narrate stories with the violent content could be regarded in two ways- the first one, the person might be innately violent and does not want to make any changes in his speech and this could remind us that the person is genuine in his feelings.

The second thing here to mention is the persons who have criminal exposure will have different mindset and could not control their violent behaviour in his thoughts and this will arouse in the form of anger in his speech of words. Both these cases would recommend us strongly that the person is not suitable to be a part of the mainstream.

Nevertheless, there has been many cases who would suggest that violent action only can resolve the problem and tries to hide the “special situations like being threatened, being drunk, or under outward action. These people later would come into realization that possessing violent behaviour to solve any problem is not socially acceptable anywhere. These people do realize the pros and cons in their thinking, and by giving proper guidance, and motivation, they could be accepted by the society again.

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