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Explain the concept of To love and to give

The desire to love and to give makes a person happy and hence every person should generate this desire to love and to give. This desire should not be confused with the desire to impress others which leads the person to feel generous.

It has been proved by different studies that people are happy than others those who are kind and caring and do charity very often than those who does not do charity that frequently. In all the aspects, people differ in different aspects. In spite of different feelings of people, all kinds of people feel happy when they do some charity. The study also proved the same on kids. Even kids feel happy when they do some charity.


The mentality of kids differs and they are moody and are not with stable mind. They sometimes feel possessive about their things and do not share with others. Hence this study was specifically conducted on kids. Even the study on kids also proved that at instances when they shared their belongings they were happy. This specifies the importance of the feeling and the necessity to love and to give.

Do social conditions matter?

To what extent a person should be generous and at what instances should a person be generous is to be clearly understood by an individual. It again depends on the circumstances which brought put an individual. When an individual is being thought by his parents and society about being generous and kind, the kid will have enough feeling and desire of kindness and generous. The kid turns to be self-centered and will not be kind and generous if his parents and society around him discourages him be being kind and generous.

Why does being generous help us to be happy?

Being kind to others and helping others builds up a feeling that a person is competent enough to help others and that a person is contributing towards the change in the life of others. This makes the person self-confident and leaves him happy. Added feather to the cap, the recipient will feel like helping the person who helped him, when needy. Thus in the long run, being kind and helping others, is very advantageous.

Generous Help

Where to draw the Line?

A line should be drawn for kindness, and generous. A balance need to be maintained. It is not good on the part of the individual when he gives all his money for charity without keeping for himself. That will destroy the individual. Charity should not be done at the cost of burning a hole in the pockets.

Charity does not mean that one should complete exhaust the resources, this is the main principle followed by many of the successful businessmen who are desired of being generous and do charity. The limit should be fixed and decided and a person should be determinant enough for not crossing the limit. The limit should enable an individual to maintain sufficient resources for self.

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