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What is preference and Judgementalism?

The incidents that come the way in life should not be judged as either good or bad. Once the event has occurred, the judgement regarding the event and the life should be suspended. For instance, with a prior expectation of scoring good marks, an exam is written. But once the score is released, one should not concentrate more on whether the expectations were correct or not. The life should move forward and should not repent of the past as past is gone but should learn from the past experiences and know how to score much more the next time.

How to eliminate Judgmentalism?

Once the incidence has occurred in life, the judgementalism about the expectations of that particular incidence should be eliminated. Preference can be made rather than expectations and judgement prior to an incident. For instances, when a person has to decide on this career and has two options before the person, then the person can very much assess the outcomes and future prospects of each of the stream and can take a decision. But once the decision is taken one should not repent later on the decision being taken.

How to avoid Untoward Consequences?

All the problematic and annoying consequences of the incidents should be avoided by a person. From the decisions taken by a person only the value need to be drawn out of it. Passion and hobbies can be taken seriously but to a certain extent and not beyond the extent that which leads a person to only concentrates on passion and hobbies leaving aside other important things in life. The outcomes should not be reacted too much by a person. Being indifferent to outcomes may lead a person to lose interest and curiosity. Happiness is badly affected by lack of excitement in life.

It does not imply that the negative incidents should be welcomed into life. It only implies that the positive outcomes of the incidents should be given too much importance in life. These indifference to the outcomes should be managed properly.

Be Preferential, Not Judgmental

The secret of happiness lies in being preferential towards the outcomes prior to their occurrence rather than being judgemental after the occurrence of the outcomes. This helps a person by restricting him not to think and feel bad about the past and should concentrate only on the meaningful thinking and the past should be considered only for learning new things, which is the basic element of not being judgemental with reference to the outcomes of life.

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