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What is instinctive trust and proactive trust?

It is the basic human character that people trust others with great difficultly. At times even the partners are not believed, especially business partners and that is the reason when one periodically checks the books of account and the details of how the money is spent. Here trust is very essential for the survival. If the things around is not tracked and monitored, there are huge chances of getting cheated. But even for trust or distrust there is a limit that should not be crossed.

The Problem with Human Instinct

The very nature of the humans leaves them not to trust others easily. Humans usually suspect the people around. It is also a human tendency that people become even more trustworthy when they are being trusted more. The trust when shown to other person is replicated back by the person. Biologically this can be proved. It is said that when a person is trusted a hormone is released by a person known as oxytocin, and if the recipient also releases the same hormone then trust is reciprocated.

What is hardwired to Distrust?

When a person trusts the other person, this trust enables to bond between the two people and the same trust is reflected back building a mutual trust relationship. Hence proactive trust seems to be a good idea. But humans by nature tend to distrust. In the rural areas the strangers are suspected and they are distrusted by the people. It is believed that trusting the strangers may lead a person that he may be cheated by the stranger.

Hardwired Distrust

What is the need to Trust others?

A person may not be happy if he distrusts a person beyond a certain limit. A person can be proactively trusted after testing the trustworthiness of that particular person. This clearly enables that the same trust is reciprocated back without the chances of getting cheated and the relationship is broken. Therefore proactive trusts enable to bring out the trustworthiness form of the person and make an individual trust on that person.

Trust enables to build strong relationship between two people. Better relationships leads to increased levels of happiness.

What are the benefits of Proactive Trust?

It is to be known that trust makes the other person trustworthy and is reflected back the same trust to us. But it is not to be forgotten that it is a common tendency of the people that strangers are not trusted.

Building trust of the other person implies a transaction including risks and rewards. For instance, if any of the friend is going to other place and will be returning back after couple of days and he is given some money and asked to get an item from there. Now if the friend turns up after couple of days with the item asked, then the person receives rewards for trusting his friend, And if in case the friend does not turn up, then the person has to face the risk for trusting his friend. Hence the combination of rewards and risk is trust.

When the rewards are received, a person releases oxytocin hormone and a even stronger relation is developed by the friend and thus make him happy. Here the risk of trusting and giving money can be eliminated simply but not trusting the friend, but this may also lead to loss the reward associated with trust. Rewards enable to improve and increase the levels of trust between both.

Therefore it is to be remembered that displaying proactive trust is very important as it is associated with rewards and the experience of these rewards makes a person happy.

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