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What is Authoritative Nature?

Humans at some times tend to behave authoritatively by taking control over the surroundings. The very nature of this authoritativeness will hamper the happiness. An individual tend to control in many of the aspects like parents tend to control kids, employees control their subordinated and the closed ones are also controlled.

Why the Love for Authority?

It is the general tendency of the humans that when they control the surroundings authoritatively they desire to feel superior. This enables an individual feel happy but for a short period of time. For a short time this feeling of autonomy and freedom leaves a person to be happy. A person is considered to be emotionally healthy when he has a sense of autonomy.

It is considered that a person has a longer life if that person possesses control over the surrounding things and hence people desire to control all the possible things. Bu these control should be in the prescribed limits. The levels of control should not exceed after a certain limit, which leaves a person unhappy.

What is Psychological Reactance?

This desire of being authoritative is termed as Psychological Reactance. This strategy tends to prove that when a person exhibits psychological reactance to any other person, then the recipient also exhibits the same type of psychological reactance to the person back. For instance, the desire to control an employee after a certain limits may result in employee building negative thoughts about the superior. The desire to control the life of spouse after a certain limit may lead to divorce. Thus desire to control beyond certain limits leaves the person unhappy.


One more concept in this aspect is power stress. A person tends to feel power stress when others do not behave in the desired manner. One of the best example for power stress is when the characters of the video game does not play as desired, the person becomes angry and leaves the person unhappy and sometimes in some instances may lead a person to depression.

The nature of over authoritative leads to keep away with the skilled labour. Only incapable people can stay and they cannot add value to our life. Thus a person is left with incapable people without any meaning and thus is left unhappy.

Being submissive is also not suggested. A person is advised to be authoritative but up to certain limit. A balance between authoritativeness and submissiveness is to be maintained.

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