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As discussed in the section on psychology of testing, the development team tries to prove that the software works correctly. To overcome the difficulty, in many organizations, the development team will be different from the testing team. This would ensure that the testing is done without any bias and maximum possible defects are found before the release of the software.

Because of the complexity of the testing, the test team must have sufficient manpower. In Microsoft Corporation, the ratio of development engineers to test engineers is 1:1. In NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, the ratio is 1:7 i.e., for every development engineer, there will be 7 test engineers. Hence, depending on the complexity of the project and criticality of the application, test team size will be different.

Large organizations can afford to have dedicated test teams for each project. However, in small organizations, it is very difficult to have such dedicated teams. Even then, the project manager has to make the software tested by people other than the developers. One possibility is to make another development team test the software. Alternatively, test engineers can be recruited on a part-time basis or on a limited time contract.

The test reports generated by the test team have to be looked into impartially by the project manager—the aim of the project manager is to ensure that the quality product is delivered and not to point the finger at the person whose module did malfunction

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