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Whether you are a manager or a test engineer, you need to follow a rigorous process for testing. This process^involves working out a detailed test plan, working out the test cases, deciding the schedule for running various tests, generating the test reports, analyzing the test reports and tracking the bugs and checking whether the bugs have been removed and doing regression testing on the modified software. In addition,many managerial activities such as forming test teams, assigning responsibilities and target dates etc. need to be done to effectively manage the testing process. Many managers do all these activities on an ad hoc basis; but making use of testing management tools will increase the productivity tremendously.

Nowadays, many software companies have offices all over the world. Groups at different geographical locations work on the same project. The testing team and the development team may be located at different places. Even the testing groups may be located at different places. In such a case, the testing management tools can be used effectively for managing the testing process. Many commercially available testing management tools are web-based. A test engineer can log in to the web site and update the defect report. The QA manager located at another place can login to the web site, check the status and assign the bug removal work to a developer. After the developer removes the bug, he can update the bug status to 'corrected'. The web-based management tools provide the facility to create different users with different privileges to read or update the bugs database. Many tools provide the facility to generate emails and send the email to the person concerned.

Testing management tools facilitate all these process-oriented activities to be done systematically. We will study how to use Mercury Interactive's TestDirector for managing the testing process.

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