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In WinRunner, if you run a test case without loading the corresponding GUI Map file, it generates an error as it fails to identify the controls used in the test cases. This is illustrated with an example here.

Suppose you have recorded a test case for "inverse" function for the Calculator application and forgot to save its GUI Map file. When you close the test case and again open it to run the test case, an error message is generated as shown in Figure.


Even if you save the GUI Map file but forget to load the corresponding GUI Map file mode, it generates the error message as shown in Figure.

WinRunner may generate some ambiguous or wrong results but not errors if the application is not brought back to base state before trying to run the application. It is always advisable to bring the state of the application to base state while "Recording".

The other important features of WinRunner application are as follows:

  • Synchronization of test cases
  • Data driven testing
  • Rapid testing GUI
  • checkpoints

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