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On-line help is available for stored procedures as it is for other Teradata constructs. It may be used to determine information about an existing procedure or the creation of a new procedure.

HELP on a Stored Procedure

To aid in the usage of a stored procedure, on-line help has been added at the workstation. It displays either the number of parameters and their names used in a call statement or the attributes of the parameters.

To see the comment on a procedure, the HELP USER or HELP DATABASE commands are used to look for an object with a "Kind" listed as "P" (output wrapped for viewing ease):

HELP USER mikel ;

HELP on a Stored Procedure

The syntax of the HELP PROCEDURE is:

This HELP command requests assistance in using the stored procedure called test_proc and its arguments (output wrapped for viewing):

HELP PROCEDURE Test_Proc ; 3 Rows Returnedsyntax of the HELP PROCEDURE
syntax of the HELP PROCEDURE

This display is important to show: the names, data types and formats of the parameters, if default values exist for their use and what it is, and whether it is an input or output parameter.

This HELP is similar to the above, except that it requests the ATTR (output wrapped for viewing ease):

HELP PROCEDURE Test_Proc ATTR ; 1 Row Returnedexcept that it requests the ATTR

This last display is important for knowing: which mode (BTET vs ANSI) and which operating system environment(UNIX vs NT) is applicable, and whether or not debug printing is enabled.

When the ATTRIBUTES portion is used, it returns:

  • The creation-time attributes of a stored procedure
  • Session mode
  • Creator's character set
  • Creator's character data type
  • Creator's character collation
  • Server operating environment
  • PRINT attribute
  • SPL attribute

HELP on Stored Procedure Language (SPL)

To aid in the coding of stored procedures, On-line Help, at the workstation has been added to assist with the writing of procedural commands. It is similar to the HELP ‘SQL.’ However, it is for SPL instead of SQL.

The HELP ‘SPL’ provides a list of all the available SPL commands. To see a specific command, the construct above is one of these:

HELP on Stored Procedure Language (SPL)

The syntax of the HELP is:

HELP 'SPL [ <construct> ]' ;

The next HELP command returns format help for the DECLARE statement:


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