Considerations When Using Stored Procedures - Teradata

There are some considerations to take into account when using stored procedures. They are listed below and some of these may be eliminated in later releases:

  • DDL and DCL statements are not supported (first release)
  • LOCKING modifier cannot be used with a nested CALL statement
  • When created in Teradata mode, a procedure cannot be executed in ANSI mode and vice versa
  • When created on MP-RAS server environment, it cannot be executed on NT environment and vice versa
  • Transactional control statements valid in ANSI mode (ROLLBACK, ABORT, and COMMIT) are not allowed with updateable cursor
  • SQLSTATE, SQLCODE, ACTIVITY_COUNT, are local status variables and are not exported to the calling procedure with nested CALL statements
  • They cannot be invoked from triggers
  • The number of parameters cannot exceed 1024
  • The number of nested calls is limited to 15
  • They cannot call themselves directly and/or indirectly
  • Updateable cursors are not allowed in Teradata mode

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