Considerations When Using Stored Procedures Teradata

There are some considerations to take into account when using stored procedures. They are listed below and some of these may be eliminated in later releases:

  • DDL and DCL statements are not supported (first release)
  • LOCKING modifier cannot be used with a nested CALL statement
  • When created in Teradata mode, a procedure cannot be executed in ANSI mode and vice versa
  • When created on MP-RAS server environment, it cannot be executed on NT environment and vice versa
  • Transactional control statements valid in ANSI mode (ROLLBACK, ABORT, and COMMIT) are not allowed with updateable cursor
  • SQLSTATE, SQLCODE, ACTIVITY_COUNT, are local status variables and are not exported to the calling procedure with nested CALL statements
  • They cannot be invoked from triggers
  • The number of parameters cannot exceed 1024
  • The number of nested calls is limited to 15
  • They cannot call themselves directly and/or indirectly
  • Updateable cursors are not allowed in Teradata mode

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