ANSI TIME Teradata

Teradata has also been updated in V2R3 to include the ANSI time display, reserved name and the new TIME data type. Additionally, the clock is now intelligent and can carry seconds over into minutes.

CURRENT_TIME is the ANSI name of the time function. All current SQL references to the original Teradata TIME function continue to work.

display the time

Although the time could be displayed prior to release V2R3, when stored, it was converted to a character column type. Now, TIME is also a valid data type, may be defined in a table, and retains the HH:MM:SS properties.

As well as creating a TIME data type, intelligence has been added to the clock software. It can increment or decrement TIME with the result increasing to the next minute or decreasing from the previous minute based on the addition or subtraction of seconds.

storing  time on disk

TIME representation character display length:

TIME (0) - 10:14:38 CHAR(8)
TIME (6) - 10:14:38.201163 CHAR(15)

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