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We are going to discuss regarding the terms used in generally during the play. Below are the terms used.

  • Serve – Player starts the game with a serve which is standing behind the baseline and tossing the ball up in the air and hitting it with racket. The ball should go to the opposite side area flying above the net. After pitching in the other player service area, ball continues to travel and this is termed a serve. Players should face each other diagonally standing while serving.


  • Ace – If the opponent fails in hitting the returning the ball with his racket to the served player then it is considered as ace.
  • Deuce – if both the players scored 40 each then this situation is called as Deuce.
  • Advantage – This is the point gained after Deuce whoever gets the point. Also called as game point and if the opponent gains or breaks this point in next serve, then again they will be 40 points each resulting in Deuce.
  • Game Point – This is the last point in a game.
  • Set Point – The point that determines the winner of the set.
  • Break Point – If a player serves and the opponent breaks it then it is Break Point.
  • Match Point – The final point of the whole match is called Match Point.
  • First and second serve – Player gets a chance to serve second time if he/she misses out the first time.
  • Rally – Continuous shots played between players is called rally.
  • Volley – This move is taken by the player by moving towards the net during the rally and taking the ball on full. This results in better chance in gaining a point.
  • Let – During the serve if the player hits the net with the ball, then it is called Let. The player is given second chance in such situations and is not treated as a fault until it is not repeated.
  • Advantage Set – This set is the final set of the match where there will not be a tie-breaker. After winning 6 games, the player should keep the difference between his opponent by two games to win the match.
  • Tie-break Set – Tie break sets are those which led to situations where both players win 6 games each. This point, a tie breaker is started and points are given to them who win the serve. The player who scores the seven points first and has a difference of two points with other players is announced as winner.
  • Umpire – In a tennis match, there will be a chair umpire and line umpires. While the chair umpire manages the proceedings, the line umpires watch the ball closely pitching on or outside of the sidelines and baselines.
  • Ball in play – Unintentionally if a player hits a object like strap or net post and the ball goes into opponent’s area that it is called as ball in play. If the ball returns back to player court then opponent is given a point.
  • Forehand – The shot involving the palm to be in shot direction.
  • Backhand – The back of hand facing the shot direction is called Backhand.

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