Telecom Analytics Interview Questions & Answers

Telecom Analytics Interview Questions

If you want to build a career in Telecom analytics job then wisdom jobs is the right choice to explore different kinds of jobs available to you. Telecom analytics is a type of business intelligence specifically applied and packaged to satisfy the complex needs of telecommunication organizations. It can help the clients gain competitive advantage by getting valuable insights about their operations and customers and taking right decisions at the right time. As a telecom analyst you need to install, operate programs, and maintains hardware and software for a variety of telecommunication systems. Candidates who are interested to join in telecom analytics are likely to utilize their valuable time in preparing for telecom analytics job interview questions and answers framed by wisdom jobs experts. This will no doubt help you to reach your destination.

Telecom Analytics Interview Questions And Answers

    1. Question 1. How Does The Telecom Environment Contribute To Achieving Business Objectives?

      Answer :

      Measuring, optimizing and ultimately reducing telecom costs are a primary business objective for many organizations. Data extracted from a TEM system can provide insight into potential areas for optimization, such as identifying unused mobile devices that can be disconnected and/or fixed lines that are underutilized or not used at all. These discoveries provide significant savings back to the organization and the cost savings can be allocated to other technologies that will help propel the business toward achieving its corporate goals.

    2. Question 2. How Do Analytics Help Drive Efficiency?

      Answer :

      Telecom management isn’t just about cost savings anymore; it includes optimizing efficiency of the entire telecom environment through use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs will help you identify ineffective processes, oversights and bottle necks that are not addressed in standard cost savings data. Armed with accurate feedback on your telecom environment and its processes as a whole, your organization can hone in on creating and/or restructuring processes to be more streamlined and efficient.

    3. Question 3. How Do Telecom Services Affect Customer Retention Objectives?

      Answer :

      Increasing customer retention is a business objective for every organization. Analytics that can be gleaned from IVR systems may show significant customer abandonment for support calls. Organizations can use the information to redesign the IVR for a more fluid, easy-to-understand support experience and improve customer satisfaction – and ultimately retention.

    4. Question 4. How Does Vendor Sla Performance Affect Service Cost?

      Answer :

      Data reveals critical data that informs business decision makers on whether contractual agreements are being met or not. It addresses several key areas of influence like mean repair time, quality of service and if you’re spend is within original budget and contractual agreement.

    5. Question 5. What Is The Total Cost Of Ownership For Every Service Type?

      Answer :

      If you’re currently using a vendor, your data is going to provide a breakout of services you have purchased. It includes equipment, carrier, and data costs and envelopes utilization of FTEs. This visibility allows you to manage spend per service component and manipulate costs as needed. An example of this would be an upgrade to equipment costs while lowering data costs or the decision to use bots in place of FTEs.

    6. Question 6. How Does Service Utilization Affect Communications Costs Per Transaction?

      Answer :

      Data analytics identify service usage times as well as idle time in which service goes unused, hence driving communications costs up. Organizations are then able to hone in on optimizing utilization in order to drive effect utilization costs.

      If communications are used to sell service (as in the case of a call center), the technology that is used to conduct communications needs to be optimized to ensure an effective and efficient transaction. If the technology used speeds up the transaction, then the utilization per transaction goes down and creates efficiency against the sale.

    7. Question 7. How Does Technology Innovation Create Competitive Business Advantage?

      Answer :

      Innovation can have a significant influence on a business’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

      For example: data and analytics from a new mobile application released by a retail organization can provide insight into which products are being viewed and purchased the most, resulting in improved product placement in the store to attract more customers.

    8. Question 8. How Does The Break/fix Help Ticket Resolution Time Affect Service Performance?

      Answer :

      Data analytics simplified vendor management as it grants the evidence that your internal users are or are not getting the support they need. It allows you to see if your vendors are available, reliable, and responsive.  You can easily check meantime to repair on help desk tickets and identify if vendors are meeting contractual terms; arming you with both the info you need to request improved service and/or use as a bargaining tool for negotiations.

    9. Question 9. What Is The Business Value Of Process Efficiency?

      Answer :

      Improvements in process efficiency can be directly correlated with driving real business value.

      For example: data extracted from an organization’s financial systems can uncover a significant amount of late payment fees and being paid for telecom invoices. Improvements in invoice processing workflow can reduce the time it takes to process invoices resulting in the elimination of late payment fees.

    10. Question 10. Do Your Organization’s Mobile Solutions Provide The Support And Security It Needs?

      Answer :

      Data analytics will map what apps your organization is using, how much data its pulling and reveal the need for additional security measures. This enables organizations to develop more effective corporate policies that support Mobile Device Management (MDM) and what kinds of authentication are required.

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