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What is a Paged Workbook?

The view of the data can be saved in different pages for different values of the dimensions or measures using a paged workbook. An illustration of the same is to compare the performance of the products against each other in specific sales region. As the values of the product types are stored as separate page, they can be viewed one at a time or as a range of values.

How to create a Paged Workbook?

The fields are put in the page shelf of the page workbook. For instance, studying the profit of various sub-category of products in different regions, which can be done by the following steps:


A bar chart with two dimensions and one measure is created. The measure profit is dragged to the columns shelf and the dimensions sub-category and Region are dragged to the rows shelf.

Paged Worksheet


Drag the Sub -Category field again to the page shelf. It is observed that a page control is automatically added, just below the Pages shelf. This page control gives the following features to navigate through the pages in a view:

  • Jump to a specific page
  • Manually advance through the pages
  • Automatically advance through pages

Let’s see how to jump to a specific page and how to get the automatic display of pages. To go to a specific page click on the drop down on the page control and select Accessories. The below chart appears.

Paged Worksheet


For automatic display of pages, keep the show history check box ticked and click the play button. The automatic play of different pages of sub categories can be viewed. While the current Sub -Category value is shown with a dark color, the previous values are shaded with light color. The below diagram illustrates this.

Paged Worksheet

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