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How to get started with Tableau?

The Tableau data analysis report is created by three steps, which are as follows:

  • Connect to a data source: It involves locating the data and use an appropriate type of connection to read the data.
  • Choose Dimensions and Measures: This involves selecting the required columns from the source data for analysis.
  • Apply Visualization technique: This involves applying required visualization methods like a specific chart or graph type to the data being analyzed.

For the purpose of this tutorial, the sample data set which comes along with the Tableau installation, sample – superstore.xls is used. The file is found under Datasources\9.2\en_US-US, in My Tableau Repository.

Connect to a Data Source

Under the Connect header, a file or server or data source can be chosen. Navigate to the file “Sample – Superstore.xls”. The excel file has three sheets named orders, people and Returns, choose Orders.

Connect to Data Source

Choose the Dimensions and Measures

By deciding on the dimensions and measures, the data is hosen. Dimensions are the descriptive data and the numeric data is measures. Both combined together help in visualizing the performance of the dimensional data with respect to the data to be measured. Choose category and region as the dimensions and sales as the measure. Drag and drop them as shown below. The result shows the total sales in each category for each region.

Analyze Data

Apply Visualization Technique

To judge the performance, the data which is made available in numbers need to be read and each of the values needs to be calculated. To get a quicker judgment, these can be seen in graphs or charts with various colours.

Drag and drop the sum(sales) column from the Marks tab to the Columns shelf. Automatically, the table showing the numeric values of sales now turns into a bar chart.

Analyze Data

A further technique of adding another dimension to the existing data can be applied that enable to add more colours to the existing bar chart as shown below.

Analyze Data

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