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How formatting is done in Tableau?

The appearance of the visualizations created can be changed by a variety of formatting options provided by Tableau. Tableau also enables to format all the aspects like fonts, colours, size, layout etc. The content and the containers can be formatted like tables, labels of axes, workbook theme etc.

These options are listed in the Format Menu is shown below as:

Formatting Options

How to format the Axes in Tableau?

A simple bar chart is created by dragging and dropping the sub – category dimensions into the Columns Shelf and the measure Profit into the Rows shelf. Click on the vertical axis and highlight it. Then right click it and chose format.

Formatting Axes

How to change the font in Tableau?

Click on the font drop down in the Format bar which appears in the left. Choose the font type as Arial and size as 8pt. as shown below.

Format Axes

How to change the Shade and Alignment in Tableau?

The orientation of the values in the axes as well as the shading colour can be changed as shown below:

Format Axes

How to format Borders in Tableau?

For instance, consider a crosstab chart with the Sub-Category in the Columns shelf and State in the Rows shelf. The border of the crosstab table created is changed by using the formatting options. Right click on crosstab chart and choose Format. The Format Borders appear in left pane and the options are chosen as below:

Format Tables

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