Tableau Tutorial

Tableau Tutorial

What do you understand by the term Tableau?

The data is visually analyzed using a Business Intelligence tool known as Tableau. The interactive and sharable dashboards which graphically depict the trends, variations and density of the data are created by Tableau. Tableau enables to connect to files, relational and Big data sources in order to acquire and process data. Tableau is unique in the sense the software enables data blending and real time collaboration.

Businesses, Academic researchers and governments use Tableau for their data analysis purpose. In Gartner Magic Quadrant, it is positioned as a Business Intelligence leader and Analytics platform.

What are the prerequisites required and who are the audience for learning the concept of Tableau?

Good knowledge and understanding of computer programming terminologies and Data analysis is required to understand the concept of Tableau. Knowledge on various types of graphs and charts and familiarity with SQL are also required to better understand the concept of Tableau.

This tutorial is mainly targeted for the readers who create, read, write and modify the Business Intelligence Reports by suing Tableau. The tutorial is also targeted for the readers who want to aspire the career as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist.

Tableau Tutorial: List of Topics

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