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Mention the tournaments that participate in Table Tennis?

Table tennis tournaments are very famous in Asia and Europe. Currently they are becoming more famous in the United States as well. The most important tournaments are −

World Table Tennis Championships

This competition was conducted in the year 1926 but then was organizing every two years since 1957. Five single events together make these matches – Men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles.

Table Tennis World Cup

This World Cup has been conducting every year since 1980. Women’s singles were launched in the year 1996 and team competitions in 1990.

Men's and Women's World Cups − All the events that are conducted so far were the best of 7. Out of 7 they have three stages to go through.

The Preliminary Stage - Intercontinental Cup – This intercontinental cup is organized by four nations that is Latin America, Africa, Oceania and North America which participates in the competition with all the members of the group on a group basis. The group who wins this joins the remaining 15 players in the 1st stage.

The 1st Stage or Group Stage − The 16 players are separated into 4 groups, in such way that each participant in the group should play with each other. Depending upon the rank of the player they are separated into groups. The players who are ranked 1, 2, 3, 4 are selected in group A, B, C, D respectively. The remaining players are placed in various groups depending upon their ranks.

The 2nd Stage (Knockout) – The 2nd stage is called knock-out-rounds which include quarterfinals and semi-finals. The group which wins for the quarter finals will go to semi-finals and those who win in semi-finals will enter into final.

Quarter Finals − Four quarter final tournaments (Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4) are placed in line with both the final groups and the rankings are placed in the 1st Stage. Q1 to Q4 are as follows − A1 vs. B2, B1 vs. A2, C1 vs. D2 and D1 vs. C2.

Semi-finals − These events are in between the achievers of Q1 and winner of Q2, and winner of Q3 vs. winner of Q4.

The players who won in semi-finals are eligible to enter into the finals, and the players who defeated in the semi-finals participate in the competition for the next position.


Table tennis was launched in Olympics in the year 1988. It was primarily played in the form of singles and double by both male and female.

In Olympics, Chinese was the first nation to dominate the table tennis competition, with the winning medals of 24 gold medals in just 28 events.

ITTF World Tour

This event was established in the year 1996, known as ITTF pro tour, but later was changed in the year 2011.

In this tournament six groups will take part − Men’s and Women’s doubles, Men’s and Women’s Singles and Men’s and Women’s under 21 matches.

This event has its own scoring system. The player who gets more number of points may be invited to the ITTF international tour grand finals.

Famous Trophies

Trophies are presented to the players who won the individual game, which must be returned for next championship.

  • Swaythling Cup for Men's Team – This was donated by ITTF first President in 1926.
  • Iran Cup for Men's Doubles – This was presented for the first time At the 1947 World Championships.
  • St. Bride Vase for Men's Singles – This award was donated in by C.Corti Woodcock in 1929, in London.
  • Corbillon Cup for Women's Team − In 1933 Marcel Corbillonin donated Corbillon Cup.
  • W.J. Pope Trophy for Women's Doubles − General Secretary of The ITTF W.J. Pope in 1948 donated Pope Trophy.
  • Heydusek Cup for Mixed Doubles − Given by Zdenek Heydusekin 1948.

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