The AdventureWorks Databases - T-SQL

Through the remainder of the book, you'll be working with a database used by the fictitious company Adventure Works Cycles, which sells bicycles and related products. This database, called Adventure Works with SQL Server 2005 and AdventureWorks2008 with SQL Server 2008, is a sample database included with SQL Server. There have actually been several different versions of this database as it evolved from the first edition in 2004 and then through the SQL Server 2008 CTP test period. The version that installs with SQL Server 2005 is slightly different from the version installed with SQL Server 2008. To accommodate for these differences, we have done one of three things. For the most part, we have attempted to use tables in our examples that are the same in structure in both SQL versions. When that was not possible, we either wrote two sets of examples, one for SQL Server 2005 and the other for SQL Server 2008, or we built views to emulate the table structure of SQL Server 2005 in SQL Server 2008. With this caveat in mind, all the query examples shown in the book will work with both versions, unless specified otherwise, but queries run with the 2005 version may return different results from those shown in this book. For the sake of simplicity and consistency, all references to the sample database will be to AdventureWorks2008 only. However, AdventureWorks2008 implies either AdventureWorks2008 or Adventure Works

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