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How to fix the mistakes in SVN?

In case array.c file is accidently modified by Jerry, then he gets compilation errors. Revert operation is used for throwing away the changes. The local changes made to the file or directory is made undo by the Revert operation resolving the conflicting states.

The above command displays the output as follows:

An array is made as follows:

The above command displays the output as follows:

Revert operation on the file array.c is performed by Jerry as follows:

The code is compiled.

The revert operation gets back the working copy to its original state. A single file as well as a complete directory is reverted by the revert operation. The –R option is used for reverting a directory.

To revert a committed revision, Version Control System tool is used. This tool does not allow deleting the history from the repository. The history is only appended. The old revision is undo by reversing the changes made in the old revision and committing a new revision, which is known as a reverse merge.

A code for linear search operation is added by Jerry and after verification, the changes are committed.

Jerry can check what Tom is doing by checking the Subversion log messages.

The above command displays the output as follows:

In case when jerry realizes the mistake that Tom has already implemented the binary search operation, and realizes that the code is redundant. Now the changes are reverted to the previous revision. Identify the current revision of the repository and it is observed that the repository is at revision 22 and hence it has to be reverted to the previous one, that is 21.

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