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What is Sublime Text Testing Javascript?

Sublime Editor incorporates testing modules for different programming dialects. This aides in unit testing of documents and scripts and encourages developers to break down bugs, blunders and issues, assuming any.

Sublime Text editor incorporates 3 modules which are fundamental for testing and deployment of JavaScript. This section talks about them in detail.


JsFormatis a JavaScript module utilized for arranging the script lines which facilitates the unit testing process. In the background, it utilizes JS beautifier ( to organize the full JS or parts of JS documents. JSFormat can be installed Using the Install Package option of Sublime editor.



JsFormat offers the below features to the script −

  • Facilitates JS and JSON document arranging.
  • Offers full text organizing and chose arranging.
  • Gives adaptable settings to designing options.


JSHint is a network driven tool utilized for investigating the missteps through insights. This identifies mistakes and potential issues. JSHint is an open source package, straightforward and straightforward. You can install JSHine in Sublime Text editor through Install Package mode.

To actualize JSHint module in Sublime Text Editor, you can utilize the shortcut Alt+J on Windows and Cmd+j on OSX systems.



This script is utilized to feature the syntax of JS document and its related significance. It incorporates an element of syntax feature with different modules, bolt capacities, classes and generators.


You can perform syntax keep an eye on a record Using the syntax list as appeared in the screen capture below –


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