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What is Sublime Text Spell Check?

Sublime Text Editor utilizes Hunspell for spell checking process. Hunspell is the spell checker of LibreOffice, Mozilla Thunderbird, Google chrome and numerous exclusive packages. Sublime Text editor incorporates lexicon Dictionary for legitimate spell check of words.


Sublime Text incorporates UTF-8 encoded Dictionaries. To actualize a lexicon with Sublime Text editor, it should be first changed over into UTF-8. On the off chance that the user has UTF-8 encoded word reference, it very well may be installed Using the Preferences option in Sublime Text editor.
You can choose the word reference from View → Dictionary menu as appeared in the given screen capture −

Settings for Dictionary

There are two settings characterized for the spell check of Sublime Text Editor −
  • Spell_check
  • Dictionary
These configurations are incorporated into the settings record. Included and disregarded words are put away in the user settings under the added_words and ignored_words keys, separately.

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