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What are Sublime Text Shortcuts?

Sublime Text editor incorporates easy routes and techniques for controlling the yield. This part examines in insight concerning these alternate routes with the assistance of appropriate delineations.

Opening the Command Palette

Command palette in Sublime Text editor incorporates options for Installing packages and support. The alternate way key for this design is Ctrl+Shift+P for Windows and Cmd+Shift+P for Mac. The screen capture given below shows opening the command palette Using this easy route.


Toggle Side Bar

Sublime text editor incorporates a side bar which displays the scripts or the record names. You can utilize the alternate way key Ctrl+KB on Windows and Cmd+KB for Mac for this reason.



Display Scope in Status Bar

The easy route key Ctrl+Shift+Alt+P for Windows and Ctrl+Shift+P for Mac displays scope in the status bar. The below screen capture demonstrates an outline of this alternate way.


Python Console

When you are working with Python scripts Using Sublime Text editor, you can utilize Ctrl+' for Windows or Control + ' for Windows, to work the Python reassure.


New Window

With new windows, you can deal with various projects at the same time. You can utilize the easy route key Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows and Cmd+Shift+N for Mac to make another window on Sublime Text editor.


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