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What is Sublime Text Editing First Text Document?

Code editors enable the users to alter the code scripts and text archives with different alternate way keys. In this part, let us comprehend through different models about altering alternatives of first text archive in Sublime Text.

Simultaneous Write-Up

In this model, you will perceive how to include print statements at two locations.

Step 1 − Consider the principal script of Python with the below code in it −


Step 2 − Let us guess that, in the given script you need to make reference to the beginning and closure purposes of the circle, Using basic proclamations. You can compose the print articulation wherever required, in any case, in Sublime Text editor you can at the same time include comments and explanations in two spots with an easy route of Ctrl+cursor point for Windows or Linux, and Cmd+cursor point for Mac. At that point, you can see the cursor focuses as referenced below −


Step 3 − Now, you can embed the print proclamations at both the locations of the referenced cursor focuses, as appeared in the picture below.


Finding Occurrences

Sublime Text editor incorporates a component to discover the events of the keywords incorporated into the scripts. The alternate way key for discovering events of the keyword is Ctrl+D in the wake of featuring the related keyword.


On the off chance that you need to scan for a keyword, state print from the given code, you can utilize Ctrl+D or Cmd+D to get the tally of events of the related keyword.


Adding Comments in Line

We can add comments toward the finish of line Using the alternate way key Ctrl+Shift+L for Windows and Cmd+Shift+L for Mac operating system in the wake of choosing the code segment where you really require the comment.


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