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What are Sublime Text Base Settings?

Base settings of the Sublime Text editor are the design required for editor, for example, text dimension, display of line numbers or color plan of the editor.

All the base settings are arranged in JSON design. To see the rundown of settings, go to menu of Preferences - > Settings.



The settings incorporate two kinds of arrangements specifically −

  • Default
  • User

Default incorporates all the default designs and user characterizes the modified settings for base settings.

For the situation referenced over, the tweaked settings are as referenced below –

Categories of Settings

Different classifications of the settings in Sublime Text are as per the following −

Editor Settings

These incorporate the fundamental settings for editing the documents of the code base. Models incorporate font_face, font_size and tab_size. The settings are available in the default setup.

UI Settings

These incorporate the general settings which explicitly center around foundation, subject and different color mixes. These settings are attached in the second area of the default setup.

Application Behavior

These settings center around conduct of the application incorporated into Sublime Text editor crosswise over open windows. These settings are incorporated into the third area of default arrangement settings.

Syntax - Specific Settings

These settings are utilized for structuring the syntax of Sublime Text editor. To get the rundown of syntax explicit settings, the user needs to utilize option Preferences − Syntax-Specific.



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