Roadblocks to completion of Level 1 - Strategic Planning for Project Management

Training programs alone cannot overcome the fears and apprehensions that exist in the management ranks concerning the implementation of project management. Figure below illustrates the most common roadblocks that prevent an organization from completing Level 1.

Roadblocks to completion of Level 1:

Roadblocks to completion of Level 1

Resistance to change is the result of management’s belief that the implementation of project management will cause “culture shock,” where functional managers will have to surrender some or all of their authority to the project managers.

As a result, numerous excuses will appear as to why project management is not needed or will not work. Typical comments include: “We don’t need it.” “It doesn’t apply to our business.” “Let’s leave well enough alone.”

The implementation of project management does not have to be accompanied by shifts in the power and authority spectrum. However, there may be a shift in the reporting structure, inasmuch as project management is almost always accompanied by multiple-boss reporting. All training programs on project management emphasize multiple-boss reporting.

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