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Risks can be assigned to each level of the PMMM. For simplicity’s sake, the risks can be labeled as low, medium, and high. The level of risk is most frequently associated with the impact of having to change the corporate culture. The following definitions can be assigned to these three risks:

  • Low risk:
  • There will be virtually no impact on the corporate culture, or the corporate culture is dynamic and readily accepts change.
  • Medium risk:
  • The organization recognizes that change is necessary but may be unaware of the impact of the change. Instituting multiple-boss reporting would be an example of a change carrying medium risk.
  • High risk:
  • High risks occur when the organization recognizes that the changes resulting from the implementation of project management will cause a change in the corporate culture. Examples include the creation of project management methodologies, policies, and procedures, as well as decentralization of authority and decision-making.

Level 3 has the highest risks and degree of difficulty for the organization.

This is shown in Figure below. Once an organization is committed to Level 3, the time and effort needed to achieve the higher levels of maturity have a low degree of difficulty. Achieving Level 3, however, may require a major shift in the corporate culture.

Degree of difficulty associated with each level of the PMMM:

Degree of difficulty associated with each level of the PMMM:

The following chapters have detailed descriptions of each of the five levels of the PMMM. For each of the five levels of maturity, we discuss:

  • The characteristics of the level.
  • What roadblocks exist that prevent us from reaching the next level.
  • What must be done to reach the next level.

No two companies implement project management the same way. Since maturity will be different from company to company, the questions in these assessments can be modified to satisfy the needs of individual companies. Simply stated, using the principles contained in each chapter, you can customize the assessment instruments for each level.

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