PROJECT MANAGEMENT COMPETITIVENESS - Strategic Planning for Project Management

Figure below shows the process of developing project management competitiveness.

These steps are somewhat similar to the steps in the project management maturity model (PMMM). In the first step in Figure below, the organization undergoes project management training, which leads to the development of project management skills. But even with a reasonable skill base, the organization can still be reasonably immature. The project management skill base must be regarded as a company-wide project management competency designed to benefit the entire company.

This is more than simply obtaining the knowledge. It also includes developing a corporate culture that is based upon effective organizational behavior and creating a well-developed project management methodology, accompanied by the proper supporting tools. The tools can be characterized into three areas, as shown in Figure below.

Project management competitiveness:

Project management competitiveness

Once the organization recognizes that project management is a core competency, the organization can convert this competency into a sustainable competitive advantage, as shown in Figure above. The ultimate purpose is for the sustainable competitive advantage to become the pathway for a strategic competency that becomes a primary effort during strategic planning activities. This requires strong executive support and a firm belief that project management does, in fact, impact the bottom line of the corporation.

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