BEHAVIORAL EXCELLENCE - Strategic Planning for Project Management

Behavioral excellence occurs when the organization recognizes the differences between project management and line management, and the fact that a completely different set of training courses is required to support sustained project management growth. Emphasis is placed on:

  • Motivation in project management
  • Creation of outstanding project leaders
  • Characteristics of productive teams
  • Characteristics of productive organizations
  • Sound and effective project management

People are often under the misapprehension that achieving Level 3 in the PMMM will deliver 100 percent successful projects. This is not true. Successful implementation of project management does not guarantee that your projects will be successful. Instead, it does guarantee that your projects will be managed effectively, thus improving your chances of success. From Figure below we see that, during Level 3 of the PMMM, the number of project successes increases. However, even though the number of successes increases, and comes to dramatically exceeds the number of failures, failure still exists. Project management does not circumvent the problem of unrealistic objectives or targets, unforeseen acts of God, and economic upheaval. Any company that has a 100 percent project success rate is not working on enough projects. No risk is being taken. Also, any executive sponsor or project manager who always makes the right decision is not making enough decisions.

Growth in successes:

Growth in successes

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