What are secondary objectives and constraints - Strategic Management

  1. The company is in the business of environmental control wherever and whenever it is required. It is engaged in the operations of designing, manufacturing, and installing such systems.
  2. For the next five-year period the geographical area on which the company will concentrate is Europe.
  3. The company intends to be a ‘good citizen’ of each country in which it operates, although it will always give preference to shareholders’ interests whenever this is legally possible.
  4. The company will always endeavour to treat its employees fairly and to give employees the opportunity of sharing in the growth of the company.
  5. Obligations to customers are treated very seriously, and the company prides itself on its high standards of workmanship and quality. It is a matter of fundamental belief for the company that honesty and integrity of performance are more important to it than quick profits, and that in all areas of the company quality specifications must be observed and inferior work rejected.

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