The strategy may change the required skills and capabilities of the organisation’s managers - Strategic Management

The argument is that it takes different skills and approaches to manage a cash-generating business than it does one selected for expansion. Similarly, managing a poor business, which may well be disposed of, is a different matter again. It is possible for a manager to have the flexibility to adjust to the situation, but it is dangerous to assume without careful checking that a successful entrepreneurial type could be equally successful in managing a business for maximum cash.

Ansoff and McDonnell deal at considerable length with the position of the organisation on the scale of turbulence, and the implication this has for management competencies, organisational climate and structure. There are considerable variations in the ideal profiles they provide of managers under each of the turbulence headings: mentality, external versus internal orientation, time orientation, model of success, risk propensity, power of general management, leadership style, problem solving, knowledge, and leadership skills.

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