From Planning To Strategic Management And Beyond Introduction - Strategic Management

Strategic management has a long history, although the words used to describe it have changed several times as the concepts have modified and developed. In this chapter, we will review the development of the subject from the mid-1960s, and to show how the modern approaches have emerged. And we will also put the various theories and concepts into a context, trying to cut through the confusion that results from the claims of certain authors that they offer the only true path to salvation.

In any aspect of management theory the enthusiastic practitioner is both a source of strength and a cause of weakness. Strength, because no concept of management can grow and develop unless it has the backing of keen supporters:weakness, because enthusiasm too often leads to an overselling of its benefits. The evolution of the subject over time has led to a semantic confusion. New terms are often coined, sometimes without justification, to explain new nuances of emphasis, old terms are applied in a slightly different way, and because there is no standard dictionary of management, various authors attach different meanings to each of the apparently standard words.

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