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At this stage it is necessary to understand the link that each product line and daughter brand has with the parent brand. Is it a prototype? Should it become tomorrow’s prototype? Is it a typical example? Is it similar? Is it a transformation? Is it contradictory?

According to the link that each line must have, a greater or lesser degree of distance in the expression of the line itself will be accepted. First of all, signs of strong cohesion are expected: the distances can only be a function of the link identified above. This also has an impact on the decision to give the product line its own name (giving it the status of a daughter brand) or not. Finally, this will determine the parent brand’s posture towards

its products: this will be examined further on through what are known as the umbrella, source, endorsement and maker’s mark architectures.

Product lines must embody the core facets and each adds its own specific facet

Product lines must embody the core facets and each adds its own specific facet

The marketing function of each product line or daughter brand will also be specified: of course it must absolutely observe and activate the central values, but also bring a new contribution. This might be, for example:

  • modernising the brand by becoming its new prototype (Activia is the new Danone prototype, and has replaced its old prototype of natural yoghurt);
  • rejuvenating the brand by opening it up to younger clienteles;
  • bringing a new facet to the brand, such as technical expertise or a pleasure dimension;
  • strengthening certain identity pillars of the brand: for example, the tennis lines strengthen the identity of Lacoste, the eponymous brand of the famous Musketeer René Lacoste, at the moment when its global competitor Ralph Lauren invented a tennis legitimacy for itself by sponsoring the 2006 Wimbledon tournament and launching a line of Wimbledon clothing.

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