Determining the flagship product - Strategic Brand Management

In launching a new brand, companies have to be extremely careful in choosing which product or service to present in their first campaign and how to speak about it, even more so if the overall brand is particularly ambitious.

This ‘star product’ should be the one that best represents the brand’s intentions, ie the one that best conveys the brand’s potential to bring about change in the market. Likewise, in terms of name, only those products that best support the overall project should prominently bear the brand name. On the less typical products, the brand name should intervene far less, serving only to endorse the product.

Not all products of a brand equally represent it. Only those which truly epitomize the brand’s identity should be used as support in a launch campaign. Ideally, this identity must be visible. The major car manufacturers are well aware of this. Car design must be the outward expression of the brand’s longterm design.

The choice of the brand’s best exemplar may conflict with short-term business objectives. The product that would sell the best might not be representative of the brand identity to be fostered. In this situation the long term should determine the short term, since it is evident that without business there is no brand.

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