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Checking the coherence worldwide

Checking the coherence worldwide

The exercise described above should be carried out by geographic region. Here it may then appear that the same product does not have the same link to the parent brand on different continents, or the same role, or the same positioning. These situations lead to inefficiencies and should be corrected if necessary. It is nevertheless possible for local specificities to require adaptation.

For example, in Germany, a country whose car-making pride is well known, the ‘prototypes’ of the Peugeot brand are the CC models of the 206 and 307. In fact, these represent a type of car that German car makers were not offering at the time: a convertible coupe. They represent more than 35 per cent of Peugeot sales in Germany, and carry the central image of the brand (dynamism, aesthetics and value), with emphasis on the first two facets.

How the brand is carried by its products, each with its own emphasis

Brand globalisation therefore requires a double coherence: as discussed above, of the products in relation to the central facets of the masterbrand (masterbrand central or core facets), but also of each region of the world in relation to the identity of each product itself. Figure below summarises our statement. The BMW 1 series expresses the core identity of its masterbrand BMW in its own way, and each region of the world must respect the identity of the BMW 1 series if there is a desire to construct a truly global perception of the masterbrand.

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