Managing Assemblies - SQL Server 2008

Several catalog views are available to assist with management and enumeration of assemblies loaded into the database:

  • sys.assemblies: This view contains one row for each assembly loaded into the database.
  • sys.assembly_files: This view contains information about the files associated with each assembly. Generally, this will be only the file that makes up the assembly (the actual DLL). However, the Visual Studio deployment task inserts all of the source files when deploying, so this table can contain many other files per assembly.
  • sys.assembly_modules: This view contains one row per function, procedure, aggregate, or trigger created from an assembly.
  • sys.assembly_types: This view contains one row per type created from an assembly.
  • sys.assembly_references: This view allows developers to determine dependencies among assemblies. When an assembly references another assembly, this view shows the relationship.

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