Using UniVerse Help - SQL Database

There are three kinds of UniVerse online help:

  • UniVerse Online Library
  • Windows Help
  • UniVerse command line help

UniVerse Online Library

UniVerse is shipped with a complete set of UniVerse documentation on CD-ROM.To read the manuals, use the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Windows Help

Windows Help is available for some client applications running on platforms. Helpis available for the following applications and APIs:

  • UniAdmin
  • InterCall
  • UCI
  • UniObjects

When you use Windows Help for any of these applications, you get the standard Helpfeatures, such as the menu bar and buttons. The following table describes the functionof each Help button:

Table Windows Help Buttons

UniVerse Command Line Help

Use the UniVerse HELP command to get help about any UniVerse command, keyword, UniVerse BASIC statement, and so forth. For information about the HELP command, enter HELP HELP at the UniVerse prompt. Enter HELP SQL to display alist of entries, which are topics and commands about which you can get HELPinformation:


Use the Up and Down Arrow keys to navigate through this list. Press ENTER tochoose an item and display explanatory text. Press ESC to exit the list.
Use the following syntax to display help about a specific SQL statement:

HELP SQL statement
When you use the HELP command, explanatory text appears with menu choices atthe bottom of the screen. There are three choices:

Table HELP Menu Choices

Inside the HELP display screen, use the Left and Right Arrow keys to select a choice. Press ENTER to choose your selection

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