Identifying Language Barriers - Spoken English Errors

What are Spoken English errors -Identifying Language Barriers?

It will be difficult to non-native speakers to express their words what they really want struggling to say the basic information while conversing.

We often come to hear teachers complaining about the non-native speakers' lack of critical thinking. But the real problem is with the student’s ability or rather inability to express their thoughts effectively through communication.

Language Barriers

What Stops Us?

Everyone has a different motive in learning English – like some do it for attracting job market, some for fun as they love it and some for clearing the exams.

English is only learned out of the love an individual has for having a meaning and purposeful conversation.

Limitations of Grammar

Learning the rules and usages of English Grammar will not improve the chances of speaking but even puts them into confusion and discourages their speaking.

By listening to correct usage, speaking the language constantly with different levels of audiences, and learning its usage and grammar will help in enhancing the Spoken English of the individual.

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