Four Rules of Learning - Spoken English Errors

What are Spoken English errors -Four Rules of Learning?

We shall discuss in detail on the four rules of learning in this chapter as the rules are set of guidelines to what is acceptable and what is not.

Speaking, Thinking, Practicing & Checking

Many think that by practicing English, one can speak fluently but studies say that only practicing will not fetch desired results instead listening to large volumes of audio, learning its grammatical structure and vocabulary, and using it while speaking with other is the best way to learn.

Speak the language aloud

Following traditional training methods take long time to give results as the focus is more on writing and reading and not speaking. By interacting with many people and taking direct feedback and suggestions will improve your speaking.

Think in the target language

Many feel like while speaking English sentence they first think about in native language and then translate it in their head. One should remember that speaking in English directly will involve a huge part of the brain, throat, tongue muscles and wind flow. On top of it, adding mental translation will lead to errors while speaking like pauses and fillers.

Speak in the language whenever possible

Every language has its own set of sounds, phonetics, and wind flow making the words pronunciation unique and different from the way we speak in our native language. One needs a lot of practice to pronounce correctly and master these variations.

Never repeat this mistake

One should speak English in usual flow with proper grammar. Practicing English without any stress on proper pronunciation or grammar sense is bad habit of incorrect English. One should start with basic grammar skills and start creating simple sentences using appropriate grammar to train the right way.

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