Solid Edge Interview Questions & Answers

Solid Edge Interview Questions

Do you like to switch your career? Here's our recommendation on the important things to need to prepare for the job interview to achieve your career goals in an easy way. Solid Edge is 3D CAD. It runs on Microsoft and provides modeling, assembly modelling and 2D orthographics. Solid Edge combines the speed and simplicity of direct modeling with the flexibility and control of parametric design – made possible with synchronous technology. Candidate should have good command on all functionalities to be done. There is huge demand for jobs related to Solid Edge. One can check the availability of the job across cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. Follow Wisdomjobs page for Solid Edge job interview questions and answers page to get through your job interview successfully.

Solid Edge Interview Questions And Answers

Solid Edge Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. What Should I Do Before A Solid Edge Upgrade?

      Answer :

      Before you upgrade to a different version of Solid Edge, you need to take some precautions.

      Back up all your user-related data to restore it if needed.

      These are usually located in the following locations:

      Solid Edge installation folder: z. For example: Solid Edge ST9 Template, Solid Edge ST9 Preferences 

      User Appdata: z. For example:% appdata% Unigraphics Solutions Solid Edge VersionXXX (XXX = eg 109)

      If you are not sure what you need, we recommend that you back up all folders (the Solid Edge installation folder and the Solid Edge Appdata folder).

    2. Question 2. What Should I Watch Out For When Updating The Solid Edge Standard Parts?

      Answer :

      Before upgrading Solid Edge and Solid Edge Standard Parts, you must uninstall any old Solid Edge products (via Control Panel -> Programs and Features). The files of the most recently installed Standard Parts are not deleted.

      If you have installed the new version of Solid Edge and Standard Parts Administrator, all you need to do is reestablish the connection to the server where the standard parts were installed. Use the "Configuration Wizard". With the Standard Parts "Administrator" you can then "migrate" (update) the old database into the current version.

    3. Question 3. How Can I Work With A Solid Edge Floating License From Home?

      Answer :

      You can use the License Utility (Start Menu -> All Programs -> Solid Edge STX -> License Utility) to borrow a license for a defined period of time. You have to be in the company network for this. If you work constantly from home, you can connect to the company network via VPN. First, start the VPN connection and then get a license as soon as you start Solid Edge.

    4. Question 4. Where Are Local Settings That I Have Set As A User Stored?

      Answer :

      Everything a user sets on the Solid Edge interface (eg selected theme) is stored in the application data area.

      This area is located in a system directory of Windows.

      Press the key combination "Windows key + R" and then enter "% appdata% Unigraphics Solutions Solid Edge".

      The user-related changes (eg selected topic, selected standards, configuration of the quick access bar, configuration of the radial menu ...) are stored here.

    5. Question 5. How Do I Determine The Solid Edge Cid (composite Host Id)?

      Answer :

      1. The Solid Edge ST4 version replaced the previously used volume ID with the Composite Host ID (CID). The background was the uniqueness of the license number, which is not guaranteed by a volume ID.
      2. The Composite Host ID is required only for node locked licensing.
      3. The composite ID is determined from several hardware components of the system. The advantage here is the replacement of the hardware components. Up to a certain tolerance, the hardware components can be changed without having to renew a license number. However, if too many components are replaced, the system assumes a hardware change and the license must be renewed.
      4. On the Siemens PLM Software website, you can download a program that will help you identify the unique CID for your computer. You need your WebKey for this. To the website of Siemens PLM Software (download the tool)
      5. When starting the program, a window opens in which the 12-digit CID is displayed.

    6. Question 6. What Options Do I Have To Test Solid Edge Before Purchasing?

      Answer :

      You can test Solid Edge for free and without obligation for 45 days. The trial version offers the full functionality of the full version "Solid Edge Premium".

    7. Question 7. How Can I Completely Uninstall Solid Edge?

      Answer :

      Before upgrading to a new Solid Edge version, it is recommended that you completely uninstall the previous version using Windows Program Management.

      If the Solid Edge program file has already been manually deleted or the uninstallation routine is defective, it may happen that some parts of the old installation still exist during a reinstallation and the installation routine terminates with the following error message: "Setup has already detected that a version of Solid Edge is installed. The existing product must be uninstalled before the setup can continue. "

      The following procedures can remove the remaining parts and allow the reinstallation (update) of Solid Edge:

      Siemens PLM Software has the "SECleanup" tool to clean up the system. You need your WebKey for this. 

      To the website of Siemens PLM Software (SECleanup)

      Save and delete the "Unigraphics Solution" directory in % appdata% in Windows Explorer.

      Back up and delete the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Unigraphics Solutions Solid Edge" key in the Windows Registry.

    8. Question 8. What Can I Do For Performance Issues With Solid Edge?

      Answer :

      For performance problems with Solid Edge, please proceed as follows:

      Check the performance of the system using the Solid Edge performance test. This can be found on the Siemens PLM Software website. You need your WebKey for this. To the website of Siemens PLM Software (Performance Tool)

      Please always use the video card manufacturer's certified video card driver for the Solid Edge version you are using.

      If you are using anti-virus software, exclude the Solid Edge files (* .par, * .psm, * .dft, * .asm, * .cfg) from the scan.

      In Windows Power Options, set your computer to "High Performance" and disable the Windows Aero interface if necessary.

    9. Question 9. Are There Free Solid Edge Viewers For Android And Apple Tablets / Smartphones?

      Answer :

      For Android and Apple tablets as well as for smartphones, there are free viewers, which allow the viewing of individual parts, assemblies and drawings.

      To be able to view the documents on your tablet or smartphone, install the respective viewer for your device (to be found in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store) and save the desired file via "Save As" -> "Save For Tablet". and copy the resulting .sev file to your mobile device.

      You can also view multi-page draft documents using these viewers. In the assembly you even have the option to show or hide individual components.

    10. Question 10. How Can I Set The Modeling Environment Permanently?

      Answer :

      In the Part and Sheet Metal environment, you can switch between the two sequential and synchronous modeling environments. You can change the boot environment in the "Help" section of the options. Under "Start partial and sheet documents in this environment," select the option you want.

      If this default is controlled centrally in your company via the "Options.xml" file, you can also use the "SEAdmin" tool to specify the initial environment here.

    11. Question 11. How Do I Get An Overview Of The Currently Issued Floating Licenses?

      Answer :

      For an up-to-date overview of all floating licenses currently issued by the license server, use the following call: "lmstat -a -c SELicense.dat"

      The correct license server is automatically addressed via the "SERVER" entry in the license file specified during the call. An overview of all available licenses is displayed. In it you will find the available number of licenses and the number of licenses in use. In addition, you will receive an overview of which user has currently checked out which license (including time and date).

    12. Question 12. How Do You Fix Broken Links In Assembly And Drawing Documents?

      Answer :

      With the Revision Manager, you can transfer data and assemblies for distribution, eg. B. to suppliers, prepare. It is particularly helpful if the required data is spread over multiple directories or drives. In addition, the Revision Manager helps you to fix broken or broken links in assembly and drawing documents in no time. For example, you can rename folders so that file paths can not be found when you open an assembly.

    13. Question 13. Can I Use Rulers For Sketching?

      Answer :

      In this course, we would like you to learn how to draw freehand, without any drawing aids.

      Rulers can be used only in the following cases:

      1. drawing of the Auxiliary views
      2. measurement and transfer of distances
      3. when specifically allowed in the question instructions

      Use of protractor to measure angles or compass to draw circles is not allowed.

      Maximum penalty for violating the above rule is 20% of the problem's mark.

    14. Question 14. I Don't Have A Valid Reason For Missing A Lab. Can I Just Reschedule Instead Of Missing The Lab And Losing Marks?

      Answer :

      No. Lab rescheduling will be allowed only for a medical or family emergency or a similar case.

    15. Question 15. I Have A Mac Computer. Can I Run Solid Edge Software On It?

      Answer :

      Solid Edge only works on Windows-based operating systems and does not work on the Mac operating system. While Macs can run Windows operating system by using Bootcamp or virtual machine emulators such as Parallels, the software vendor does not support them (see SE system requirements). Students using Macs can also use the Faculty Supported Virtual desktop.

    16. Question 16. Does The Solid Edge Work With Windows 10?

      Answer :

      The software vendor (Siemens PLM) promises official support of Windows 10 only starting from Solid Edge version ST9. As of August 2015, we are distributing version ST7.

      In limited testing of ST7 on Windows 10 installation (as of August, 2015), we were able to install and run the software without any issues.

      If you have a choice, we would recommend staying with Windows 7 or 8.1 until more information on compatibility is available. You can follow this link for the requirements of the currently distributed Solid Edge version (ST7).

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