Sociology Interview Questions & Answers

Sociology Interview Questions

Do you have a degree in sociology? Are you a person to explore your knowledge about human behaviour, social organization, culture and social change? Then log on to Sociology it the study of human social relationships and how social system works. It is the study of social problems through the methods of scientific research and find out solution to them. Sociologists examine social behaviour in individuals and groups and also study social structures like society. You have a wide scope in different sectors to work as advice worker, community development worker, family support worker, social researcher, international development worker and so on. So, grab the opportunity by going through the sociology job interview questions and answers.

Sociology Interview Questions And Answers

Sociology Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. What Are The Effects Of Globalization On Indian Industry?

      Answer :

      Indian industry has progressed a lot due to globalization. A lot of improvement has been seen in Indian industry. 

    2. Question 2. What Can You Do About Tourists Use Of Natural Resources?

      Answer :

      Countries have to legislate so that new tourist developments satisfy environmental safeguards. All development must be sustainable.

      1. There must be no pollution into waterways and oceans.
      2. Garbage and sewage must be collected and recycled as much as possible.
      3. Tourist movements into natural areas must be limited so the numbers do not do any damage to the environment.
      4. Building must blend into the natural environment.
      5. There must be legal deforestation.

    3. Question 3. What Is Positivism?

      Answer :

      The methodological approach toward sociology by early theorists was to treat the discipline in broadly the same manner as natural science. An emphasis on empiricism and the scientific method was sought to provide an incontestable foundation for any sociological claims or findings, and to distinguish sociology from less empirical fields such as philosophy. This perspective, is called as positivism. 

    4. Question 4. What Is The Origin Of Socialogy?

      Answer :

      The word sociology (or sociologie) is derived from the Latin: socius, "companion"; -ology, "the study of", and Greek λόγος, , "word", "knowledge". It was first coined in 1780 by the French essayist Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes (1748 1836) in an unpublished manuscript.[12] Sociology was later developed by the philosopher, Auguste Comte (1798?1857), in 1838.

    5. Question 5. What Is Sociology?

      Answer :

      Sociology enables us to understand the structure and dynamics of society, and their intricate connections to patterns of human behavior.

    6. Question 6. What Still Matters In Strategic Management Lies In The Value Of Planning?

      Answer :

      There is an old saying that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. By acting on this, strategic management actually gives the organization direction, a sense of identity and unity towards what the business goal. Therein lays the continued importance of strategic management towards business success.

      Every business has a vision and a mission. Strategic management takes into consideration both of these. Strategic management helps in achieving the organizational goals in an effective  

    7. Question 7. What Is The Importance Of Strategic Management Towards The Success Of A Business?

      Answer :

      Strategic management used to play a different after the Second Word War. Strategic plans of the past usually range 3 to 5 years. Some companies could even have plans for 10 good years. That is not possible today given rapid evolution of our society.

    8. Question 8. How Tourism Is An Upcoming Industry?

      Answer :

      Tourism is an upcoming industry because it is generating high level of income, nowadays it is third number of high income generating industry.

    9. Question 9. What Are The Various Uses For Break-even Analysis?

      Answer :

      Such analysis allows the firm to determine at what level of operations it will break even (earn zero profit) and to explore the relationship between volume, costs, and profits. It helps the management that at current costs of products how many numbers of units must be sold to recover the cost of producing the product.

      For Example: If you spend, $200 on producing a product and selling price is $20 then you must sale 10 units to recover the cost of product.

    10. Question 10. Does Europe The Usa Or China Have The Largest Economy?

      Answer :

      1- Europe (remember Italy, French, UK and Germany are 4 world's power) 2- USA 3- China.

      2006 GDP Figures from the CIA World Fact book, in Trillions of dollars, purchasing power parity:

      European Union: 13.080

      United State: 13.060

      China: 10.210

      Prior to 2005, and probably back to 1942, the United State surpassed the EU.

    11. Question 11. Why Was Vietnam Divided Into Two Countries?

      Answer :

      The north was communist, the south was capitalist, which was determined by their supporter states, the USSR and the US after independence in 1954, and however, this division was only meant to be temporary, with elections to re-unify the country.

    12. Question 12. What Caused The Great Depression?

      Answer :

      The business boom of the 1920s made people overly confident therefore, they invested their money in risky stocks and deals. In addition, banks made careless loans and soon failed when people could not pay them back. Third, businesses produced more goods than were wanted and they could not sell or make a profit. Lastly, human workers / jobs were becoming replaced by machines and people could not find work.

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