Social media optimization (SMO) Interview Questions & Answers

Social media optimization (SMO) Interview Questions

Are you in search of Social media optimization (SMO) jobs? Then you are at the right place to know more about your Social media optimization (SMO) jobs in details, you may also know about what type of interview question and answers you are going to face in the interview and also you can know what the job roles are present in Social media optimization (SMO). If you are good at the Social media optimization (SMO) concepts then there are various leading companies that offer various job position like Assistant Manager - Social Media, Social Media Expert(SMO), Seo/search Engine Optimization/seo Executive/social Media Optimization, Intern Digital Marketing Executive and many other roles too. To know more about the Social media optimization (SMO) Interview Question and Answers feel free to visit our site

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Interview Questions And Answers

Social media optimization (SMO) Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. What Is Smo?

      Answer :

      SMO stands for Social Media optimisation and also the processes of accelerating brands, product or events awareness exploitation totally different social media networks, platforms or communities like Facebook, Google+ Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

    2. Question 2. How Social Media Affects Seo?

      Answer :

      Now, social media has become the second most significant factors to boost website’s ranking, traffic and its visibility. In SEO, social media use to think about as referral supply of traffics that increase social engagement among target users or audiences for a specific brands or its product or services. Social media sites are useful in building trust with nice ORM (Online name Management) that pulls search engine eyes principally.

    3. Question 3. Outline Lead Generation & Engagement Via Social Media?

      Answer :

      To get client interest, sales leads or inquiry towards product or services for specific company on-line exploitation social media networks referred to as lead generation whereas engagement suggests that to induce users activities in response to post or updates on social media sites. User activities such ascomments, clicks on photos, videos or links, sharing etc.

    4. Question 4. The Way To Get Leads And Engagements Exploitation Social Media Sites?

      Answer :

      • To induce most lead generation and social engagement exploitation social media sites, we will do lots a lot of in social media such as:-
      • To utilize multiple social media channels and its resources.
      • To develop strategy for a long-run set up for every social media channels.
      • To know the demographics and efforts that we’re targeting.
      • To use keywords or phrases for target users.
      • To post often with nice consistency and trackback its results timely.
      • To have a transparent approach, effort and understanding for content creation and its selling.
      • To have a target web site/blog links on totally different social media channels and social media links thereon specific target website or blogs. e.g. Sharing, Like, Follow, +1 Buttons etc that's offered by major social media networks. It will increase website’s CTR by over one hundred and fiftieth.
      • To use social media tools, apps and plugins for max traffics and engagements. Social media sites offer these tools and code for free and paid basis.

    5. Question 5. How Does One Measure Social Media Performance, Roi And Its Success?

      Answer :

      Totally different social media sites have its own social media tools that permit us to observe social media campaign performance, come on investment and its success. Result might in positive or negative manner that’s enough for anyone to know their user’s behavior and intent.

      For Facebook, we will use its own tools – Graph somebody, Insights Dashboard, Object Browser, Ads Manager, Open Graph computer programme, JavaScript check Console, Page Manager App, App Center, scheduled  Posts, Sponsored Stories, Dark Posts, Conversion pursuit, Custom Audiences, Power Editor and Interests tools.

      For Twitter, we will use its own tools – Tweet activity, Twitter Followers, Twitter Card Analytics, Twitter Organic Analytics, Twitter Hashtag Analytics (Using Cybranding), Mention.Net, NeedTagger and Twitter Counter, Twitonomy, Twtrland, Rite Tag, Tweriod and TweetReach etc.

      For Google+, we will use its own social media tools like Google Universal Analytics, Chrome Do Share Pluggins, Steady Demand Analytics, +Post ads, Google+ Embedded Posts, Google Drive, Hangouts On Air, YouTube Integration, GoMo etc.

    6. Question 6. What Social Media Tools Does One Use?

      Answer :

      Except for all major social media channels that have its own tools, i exploit Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Onlywire etc.

    7. Question 7. What's Facebook Edgerank, And Why Is It Therefore Important?

      Answer :

      Facebook EdgeRank is associate formula developed by Facebook. It determines what to show ahead of you and your followers news feed. within the different manner, Facebook EdgeRank formula is that the total of edges (Ue+We+De)


      Edges: associate action that happens inside Facebook referred to as Edge.

      Ue :Affinity score between user and edge creator (Commenting, Liking, Sharing, Clicking & Messaging)

      We: we tend toight of this edge sort (Comments, Shares, Likes, Photos, Videos etc)

      De: Time decay issue supported however in the past the edge was created.

      EdgeRank is vital as a result of it determines that post of your Facebook page or profile ought to get seem ahead of you and your fans eyes. It may be come through via generating nice engagement towards brands among your users with original and informative content.

    8. Question 8. What Are The Advantages To Use Linkedin Teams And Linkedin Pages?

      Answer :

      There’re numerous thanks to take edges from LinkedIn teams and Pages. therefore currently let’s point out it.

      LinkedIn teams permits you to:

      • Expand your reach.
      • Communicate.
      • Parse data.
      • Expand your connections.
      • Builds leadership.
      • Send direct messages among cluster members.

      LinkedIn Pages:

      • Provides a professional bit for your whole on its own major platform.
      • Is LinkedIn’s great spot to highlights product or services ahead of millions of registered peoples that are relevant to your target peoples.
      • Allows you to share post, updates, announcement etc as well as made media (photos or videos) to your target market.
      • Let you to act relevant LinkedIn users interest towards your company product or services while not personal contact.
      • Can increase engagement among your target users or audiences via regular standing updates, posts, sharing, discussion, special announcement etc.

    9. Question 9. What's Your Social Media Strategy For Content Marketing?

      Answer :

      Expected account this question ought to be like this, my social media strategy for content selling can includes social media and its differing types of available resources to get leads and engagements for a particular target whole or its product or services.

      And these are:

      • To find out target users with target keywords or phrases.
      • To find out most applicable social media channels to travel ahead.
      • To join community sites with relevant class
      • To create social media profile and business pages on prime social media networks.
      • To create relevant however original content for web log posts, article publication or announcement.
      • To syndicate printed posts, articles, announcement or different relevant updates on social networking sites and social sharing sites etc.
      • To monitor its success with social media tools like Hootsuite, Analytics etc.

    10. Question 10. Why Use # Tag ?

      Answer :

      # tag are used to make any word or text as a keyword. It is used on Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+

    11. Question 11. List Of Social Media ?

      Answer :

      Top social media are; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr etc.

    12. Question 12. Give List Of Only Photo Sharing Social Media ?

      Answer :

      Top social media are; Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr etc.

    13. Question 13. Which Social Media Support # Tag ?

      Answer :

      # tag supported by many social media like; Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

    14. Question 14. Pinterest Support # Tag ?

      Answer :


    15. Question 15. How Do You Measure Social Media Success ?

      Answer :

      Use various tools to check the site optimization, the parameters to check the success of social media success are;

      • Rise in the number of followers
      • Increase in the number of leads
      • Number of Inbound links to your site through social sites
      • Number of bloggers comment, social shares and traffic generated
      • Increase in the total sales made online
      • Number of Posts published
      • Number of subscription

    16. Question 16. Give Some Useful Idea To Increase Traffic On Your Blog?

      Answer :

      Some tips are given below to increase traffic on your website or blog:

      • Share post on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr
      • Pin your post to Pinterest
      • Use Instagram to share the image or title of your blog post.
      • Target 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm traffic

    17. Question 17. Give Tips To Promote Your Blog Or Content On Social Media Sites ?

      Answer :

      You can promote your blog or content on the social media site using Co-Schedule;

      • Schedule your post, Social Sharing Schedule can double your traffic
      • Use different title for same blog and schedule the blog post
      • Schedule posting differs for different social sites, for example, you cannot promote same post to Facebook twice in one day, So you can share your post on Twitter.

    18. Question 18. What Time Is Better For Get Indian Traffic From Social Media?

      Answer :

      In India generally people use Facebook and other Social media between 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm, So this time is better for get high traffic on your website or blog.

    19. Question 19. How To Get Usa Or Uk Traffic On Indian Website?

      Answer :

      Use Reddit for get traffic from USA or UK

    20. Question 20. What Time Is Better For Get Usa Or Uk Traffic From Social Media?

      Answer :

      In USA or UK generally people use Facebook and other Social media between 4:00 am to 6:00 am (According to India Time), So this time is better for get high traffic on your website or blog.

    21. Question 21. How To Earn Money Through Facebook ?

      Answer :

      There are lots of way to earn money using Facebook; Sell Fan Page, Sell FB Group, Charge few $ per Post on your Facebook Fan Page etc.

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